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FLE Outing on 6 May 2022: the last day of the semester

IPLME FLE team and our students gathered in front of PICASSO museum to enjoy our outing activity on 6th May 2022. At 10:00 am, there were already a lot of people and the visit started with a small presentation by our FLE teacher Laura who organized the museum activity. During Laura's presentation, we were able to learn how to enjoy the French culture in arts and some information about PICASSO's work and his personal life.

About twenty students finished their work in the museum that Laura gave them and they did have a good time together.

Then we went to Père Lachaise for our afternoon activity, organized by our FLE teacher Chloe Père Lachaise, The more famous cemetery located in Paris welcomed us in full heat. There were already a lot of tourists and it shows that Père Lachaise is not only a place to go to the nature. We went there to have a unique French experience, that it walks to the grave of someone.

First, we started with a presentation by Chloe and she accompanied us to an iconic place and each student had a moment to present their preferences on the cemetery.

Around 4pm, our last beautiful day of the semester concluded with a sunset.

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