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Which jobs pay the best in France 2022? (Part 1)

Your salary is relative and depends on your experience, your profession, the job market in your sector, etc. When you enter the workforce, you always want to find a job that pays well, to get the best salary and that's normal! So which job pays the most? Which jobs pay the best salaries with or without a degree? Here are some questions that intrigue many people.

We have found the best paid jobs, according to your degree or your original training, but also the sector of activity.

The jobs that pay well without a diploma

Are there jobs that pay well even if you don't have a degree? Of course, there are several manual professions available to you, if you want to have a job that offers an interesting salary. However, it is important to note that in order to accelerate your professional success, to always hope for a better salary or to progress in your career, it is better to do a short training.

Some of the jobs that pay well without a degree include bartender, truck driver, baker, drone pilot, cashier or crane operator. Why are these perfect examples of jobs that pay well? Quite simply, because these are the professions that are in demand.

Another job that pays well without a degree is plumber. And the locksmith job is also. Both of these jobs can offer a salary close to the minimum wage, as well as a salary that can reach or even exceed 5,000€ or 6,000€.

It is important to note that other jobs like train driver can be interesting. Here, the salary at the beginning of the career can reach 2,000€ per month, while a truck driver earns on average 32,000€ per year.

The jobs that pay well after short training courses or retraining

Are you in the middle of a career change and have decided to take a short course to change your career or life? Are you wondering which high-paying job you can go into? Several possibilities are available to you. In general, after a short training, you can opt for a rather manual job: pastry cook, baker, plumber, locksmith.

Among the jobs that pay well after a short training, we find functions like business developer, web developer or community manager. A very good community manager is hard to find and companies are looking for these young people who master the codes of social networks. The web developer can expect to earn at least 35 000€ per year in a small company. This job pays well since a junior can expect a salary of up to 47 000€ per year. Finally, the business developer's salary includes a significant variable part. The latter can even double.

Of course, it is easier to find a job that pays well when you have a master's degree or higher. So, it is recommended to continue your studies and even opt for an MSc which offers great prospects for the future. These courses allow you to specialize in promising sectors and professions. Studying is like betting on your future.

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