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Hospitality and Tourism Management

There is no industry more global than hospitality and tourism management. Our goal is to help you master your business acumen and management skills to give you the tools you need to develop strategies for your career in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Programme structure

In Semester 1, the students follow 6 core MBA modules. These modules incorporate a number of classic functional business administration areas, which, besides forms of classical delegation of knowledge, will be grasped by reflective learning. learning in which students reflect on their prior work experience.


Semester 2 sees a series of modules that allows students to study further in-depth in areas of Hospitality and Tourism Management, and also to choose specialised electives in which to deepen their knowledge.

Business workers talking

Why Choose us?


  • A hospitality and tourism management group is an autonomous organization which comprises a group of individuals. 

  • A Programme teaches the student how to succeed in this hospitality and tourism industry so that they can secure a lucrative and rewarding career.

  • The individuals share a common interest in economic, social, and cultural needs and aspects. 

  • A candidate pursuing a career has many options available. 

  • A candidate can decide to study further in the field as the aspect ratio is high and this field is evergreen. 

  • The requirement for MBA Tourism and Hospitality Management graduates will always be existing in the upcoming time therefore the employment ratio would be increasing.

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