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Cinema and Audiovisual Production

Training aims

The Cinema specialty offers training in cinematographic culture, aimed at acquiring important knowledge in the history of world cinema, as well as methodological tools for analyzing films. The teaching of film history, in the form of lectures, will introduce students to the stages in the evolution of cinematographic art from its creation to the present day; the film analysis workshops will offer, on the one hand, an awareness of the tools for studying filmic works, and on the other hand, an application of these methodological tools on selected works, in the form of tutorials.


As part of a management course, this university-level course helps prepare students for entry into the various sectors of the cinematographic profession (production, distribution, exploitation, creation, criticism).

Film Production

The mastery of foreign languages, taught as part of this course, will be an additional element for the perfect understanding of the works studied, presented in their original languages with French or English subtitles.

In accordance with the French standard, the Bachelors offered at the IPLME are established over 2 years. Each year is divided into 2 course periods and 1 internship period validated by the writing of an internship report which will relate to a professional project already envisaged and proposed by the student. The courses are mainly structured around a common core in economics, social sciences and management, but several specialization courses contribute to the development and mastery of cinematographic culture.

The titles of the Cinema courses offered as part of this specialty are as follows:  

- History of world cinema, from its origins to the present day

- Film analysis (theory and practice)

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