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​Campus life

Student life is rich and multiple at IPLME. Culture, sport, social action and health: IPLME offers its students and staff a dynamic and enriching living environment, conducive to the commitment, development and integration of each and everyone.  

IPLME students are encouraged to surpass themselves, to flourish, to realize themselves, to reveal their talents. 

clubs  Students

IPLME has its own social circle, with several student clubs, and often organizes a variety of sporting and cultural events. Here are some ways to help you make new friends. Participate in your favorite activity by joining the clubs that interest you to find like-minded friends!

Wine workshop

We offer vineyard visits, wine tasting, winemaking courses, exploration of French regional cuisine.

Fashion and Gastronomy

We offer a series of varied activities from the luxury industry and business practices.

Activities and Events

By participating in the evenings, students will become more interested in cultural and artistic disciplines, including dance, music and visual arts.

Study group having fun
Box Workout

Forest Hill

Forest Hill is a sports and hotel facilities management group in Île-de-France. The company has several sports establishments as well as a water park with a glass roof and decorated on a tropical theme. The club offers a full range of services, which includes cardio, muscle strengthening exercises, relaxation and well-being…

At Forest Hill Aquaboulevard, everything has been designed to make you forget your troubles and worries. The Forest Hill Aquaboulevard club has become the real Parisian place for sports and fun entertainment. Being Pacha is a privilege: private locker rooms, aquagym pool, park sauna, private beach of fine sand...

List of clubs:

- Aquaboulevard de Paris: 4 rue Louis Armand, 75015 Paris
- Forest Hill Versailles: 11 rue Exelmans, 78000 Versailles
- Forest Hill Nanterre City Form: 85 avenue François Arago, 92000 Nanterre
- Forest Hill Nanterre La Défense: 9 to 19 avenue de la liberté, 92000 Nanterre
- Forest Hill Aubervilliers: 111 avenue Victor Hugo, 93300 Aubervilliers
- Forest Hill Villejuif Timing: 116 rue Edouard Vaillant, 94807 Villejuif
- Forest Hill La Marche: 1 bis boulevard de la République, 92430 Marne la Coquette

student department

IPLME welcomes international students who wish to study in France. The procedures on arrival may be different depending on the situation and status. We also offer various services to help you in your daily life.

Service and advice

Student visas and residence permits

Housing contract

Bank account opening
CIF allowance
Internship agreement (maximum duration of 6 months)

Language level

Live in Paris

Support Group
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