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International Logistics and Transport

Training aims

The specialty "Logistics and IT" offers training aimed at enabling students to integrate in the future in the sectors of transport or data analysis and optimization. Adapted to new professional challenges, the training gives an important place to new technologies, in particular computer science and mathematics.

It is therefore essential, apart from basic knowledge in the fields of commerce, management and marketing, to acquire a good command of foreign languages, the international environment and new work tools.


Bachelor program

In accordance with the French standard, this program offered by the IPLME is established over 3 years.

Each year is divided into two course periods and an internship period validated by an internship report which must relate to a professional project already envisaged by the student. The teaching, on the one hand, is mainly structured around a common core in economics, social sciences and management; on the other hand, is dedicated to the mastery of new technologies of communication and analysis and transport.

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