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DBA (Bac +6 - Bac +8)

Throwing Caps

The DBA is dedicated to professionals wishing to develop an ability to analyze the case, deepen theoretical knowledge in their specific fields. The volume of teaching hours is limited to be compatible with professional activities. The professional thesis in management sciences focuses on professional experiences in companies.

Target Audience for PhD in Business Administration

1. Company decision makers
2. Senior consultant or business management trainer
3. Researchers and educators in senior management


- 3 days of compulsory seminars per year.
- 2 interviews / individual interviews (one is in debate, the other takes place at the end of the year).
- 2 days of specialty seminars in small groups for the DBA program (4 days for PhD programs).
- An interview requested for the PhD each month either remotely or at school.
-Optional seminars

Benefits for students:

Enrich and deepen knowledge in a specific and professional field.
Develop critical thinking and analytical skills.
Strengthen competitiveness in the labor market.


- Research activities (statistics, econometrics, data analysis, survey and modelling).
- Strategy and negotiation (theory games workshop).
- Law and Social Economy (Legal Philosophy: Philosophy, Sociology, History, Law and Economic Analysis, etc.)
- Economics (advanced theory of microeconomics and macroeconomics)


Specialty (Each student can choose only one specialty)

- Marketing, market analysis, customer relationship management and communication

- Luxury management (France-China relations)

- Management of tourism, culture and leisure activities  

- E-commerce, digital, new technologies and digital communication

- Arts, Culture and Media

  - International business (international trade)

- Market finance and risk management

- Logistics and operational research

- Management and Hospitality Management  

- Local, sustainable development and solidarity economy

- Research in economics

- Research in Social Sciences  

- Human resources (law, eco and socio work)

- Public career (public management)

- Teaching of economics and social sciences

- Economy - law - management

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