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International Executive MBA

IPLME International Executive MBA is aimed at the students who want to make a different innovative solution to face the complexity of a profoundly changing world and want to advance their knowledge and explore new options. This program is designed to help our students develop a strategic vision to be able to mobilize high-level managerial qualities and skills.

IPLME International Executive MBA  reflects the pedagogic philosophy: an advanced, technically challenging, and integrated education to prepare business professionals and leaders to operate at decision-making levels. It aims to develop the strategic vision and boost the career of leaders, experienced executives and entrepreneurs whatever their business sector. future companies need to develop responsible management and organizational capacities to face the digital transformation.

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Our IPLME International Executive MBA Programs

Why Choose us?


Our International Executive MBA offering acknowledges the importance of the hospitality and tourism industry to the economy of France. This program prepares hospitality and tourism management students for advancement to upper management levels through course content taught by successful practitioners. 


Ecole IPLME brokers strategic partnerships between academics, industry, specialists and other institutions, to enhance your graduate attributes and embed employability in all our programs. We will change the way that you see things, it also changes the way you understand them. As soon as we change your understanding, you are capable of changing the industry.

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