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Our school

The IPLME is a technical institution of higher education, created in 2011 by three partners. From the outset, the will of its founders, graduates of the Grandes Ecoles and of dual Franco-Chinese culture, was to establish a link with Asia, particularly in the field of economics and management.

Eiffel Tower


Reinforced since by partnerships and cultural exchanges maintained with renowned universities throughout Southeast Asia, our programs, of international knowledge, has offered its French students for two years a unique and complete profile, for what we seem to respond perfectly to the unavoidable present and future challenges of globalization.

Nos Objectifs

  • Etre un acteur pédagogique de référence et innovant 

  • Développer les compétences des jeunes et leur insertion durable dans la vie professionnelle

  • Accompagner nos entreprises partenaires pour répondre à leurs besoins

Team Meeting


In a few years, the IPLME has therefore grown, built into a group made up of several teaching and research centers.
We intend to take into account the different phases of student life, up to the constitution of a professional project, with the possibility of integrating a company located in Southeast Asia. Our programs are thus aimed at both baccalaureate holders, French and Asian students, researchers wishing to professionalize their knowledge between France and Asia, professionals wishing to establish economic and commercial links between Asia and France .
The IPLME group has set up a final training center aimed at professionals and future professionals, to develop a rich and original program, entitled "Chinese Business Culture". Aimed at executives and future executives, chefs, and future chefs company, or any other person wishing in the short, medium or long term to turn to the Asian markets, or to take advantage of the various potentialities offered by the unprecedented growth of these new partners.
The IPLME (Private Institute of Luxury and Business Management) is a private higher education institution, authorized by the chancellery. As a top business school, with a full range of business management talent, offers training in international business, and foreign languages.
Since the establishment of the school, we have continuously improved the quality of teaching, trained international talents from more than 30 countries around the world: France, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Spain, United States, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, China, Korea, Japan, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Mali, Togo, etc.
Adhering to the three core principles of Discovering, Reflecting, Succeeding, and assuming the responsibilities of achieving innovation in teaching methods, expanding external cooperation with business schools, and providing quality education, l 'IPLME aims to become one of the top 20 Grandes Ecoles in France by 2025.

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