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Management and Hospitality Management

This specialty aims to enable students to have solid theoretical knowledge and to know how to put the theories into practice so that they can flourish in specific fields.

Core subjects

1. Economy
2. Entrepreneurship and management
3. Business law
4. Business development strategy


Practice subjects

1. Tourism policies and regulations
2. Management of international travel agencies
3. Tourist aesthetics
4. Hotel human resource management
5. Modern management of hotel services
6. Tourism planning and development
7. International Tourism Marketing


Public Matters

1. International economy
2. Business English
3. Business French
4. Career planning

Hotel Room


1. For all BAC + 4 / BAC + 5 students, 3 to 6 months of full-time internship must be carried out after each year of theoretical course.
2. The internship period is preferably between May and October each year.
3. BAC + 4 students must write an internship report after the internship.
4. BAC + 5 students must write a thesis after the internship and complete the defense after submitting the thesis.



Registration takes place in the spring and fall of each year.

1. Spring course: mid-February each year.
2. Fall course: mid-October each year.



1. Each class contains a maximum of 20 students.
2. Experienced teachers: they come from the Grandes Ecoles and public universities. Having rich teaching experiences, great flexibility and patience, they are particularly suitable for foreign students who want to start their studies at university.
3. Flexible schedules: intensive courses 2-3 days a week, suitable for students who work part-time or are on internship.
4. The IPLME offers internship agreements to allow students to practice knowledge in companies.
5. Students who register for specialty courses can take advantage of FLE courses for free by improving their level of French.

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