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International Marketing & Business Development

Programme structure

The IPLME International Marketing & Business Development Program equips you with essential business abilities. There is a wide range of elective modules to choose from, enabling you to specialize in the areas of most importance to your career. 

Once the course starts, you will join us for the welcome week. This is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the goals of the MBA, attend masterclasses, and participate in careers and professional development workshops.

Business Meeting

Why Choose us?


Our International Executive MBA offering acknowledges the importance of the hospitality and tourism industry to the economy of France. This program prepares hospitality and tourism management students for advancement to upper management levels through course content taught by successful practitioners. 


Ecole IPLME brokers strategic partnerships between academics, industry, specialists and other institutions, to enhance your graduate attributes and embed employability in all our programs. We will change the way that you see things, it also changes the way you understand them. As soon as we change your understanding, you are capable of changing the industry.

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