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All you need to know about student residence permit / titre de séjour étudiant

For the international students in France, if you want to continue your study in France, you have to apply for a student residence permit / titre de séjour étudiant regularly. And that is a long and tedious administrative procedure with a long wait. Since the program has become electronic, the situation becomes more complex. IPLME collects and compiles an FQA for our students to understand the procedures better and could apply for their student residence permit successfully. Let us see this FQA.

To apply or renew a student residence permit

Since last year, you must apply for your student residence permit online on ADMINISTRATION-ETRANGERS-EN-FRANCE.INTERIEUR.GOUV.FR

When need to apply / renew your student residence permit?

The application must be submitted between 2 and 4 months before the expiration of your residence permit. For example, if your residence permit expires on September 10, you must submit your application from May 10 to July 10.

If you have not yet registered at an university and your residence permit will be expired in 2-month, you must submit your application online and provide proof of pre-registration or any other proof related to your study plan for the coming year (applications, explanatory letter, etc.)..

What documents are required to apply online?

Download the list of supporting documents before you apply online.

Who should I contact if I have problems?

You need to contact the national support by email or by phone at 0 806 001 620.

In case of difficulties with the e-photo, you can contact Photomaton customer service by sending a email to To ask for a refund, please send a email with a screen shot of the ANEF, a copy of the photo board and your bank account number.

What documents will I receive after I submitted my online application?

After submitting your application, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt which does not give you any rights. Only if your residence permit or visa expires will you receive a certificate of extension by email. This certificate extends the effects of your visa or residence permit. Finally, when the Prefecture has validated your application, you will receive a certificate of favorable decision which covers you until your residence permit is available at the Welcome Desk.

How long does the process take?

The processing time depends on the completeness of your application. To speed up the processing of your application

  • Remember to upload all required supporting documents (passport, copy of visa, copy of residence permit, proof of enrollment, grades for both semesters, etc.)

  • Report any particular situation by filling out the "Observation" section.

  • Check your emails regularly.

Which students are not concerned by the online application?

Holders of a "student - competition" short-stay visa and holders of a "minor in education" long-stay visa that has been valid for more than three months cannot apply online.

All need to know if you would like to work while studying

The VLS-TS and the "student" residence permit allow you to work for a maximum of 964 hours per year. This duration is calculated on a sliding year basis from the date of the beginning of validity of the residence permit. It is not necessary to request a work permit. The student residence permit does not authorize the exercise of a self-employed activity, including as an auto-entrepreneur.

Student internships

Internships are carried out as part of the curriculum with a tripartite agreement are not considered as salaried work and the duration of the work is therefore not deducted from the 964 hours. Please note that periods of employment carried out in order to obtain a diploma or an accreditation (work-study program, accounting internship, interns, etc.) are not considered as a student internship.

Students whose course of study involves exceeding the 964-hour limit

If the course of study or the project involves exceeding the quota of authorized hours, the company must request a temporary work permit from . This concerns students on work-study programs, interns, and periods of salaried "internship" (accountants, notaries, etc.).

Traveling within the Schengen Area

The VLS-TS and the "student" residence permit allow you to travel to other countries in the Schengen area without requiring a visa. The stay is limited to 90 days per six-month period and does not authorize the exercise of a professional activity. For a longer stay, it is necessary to apply for a long-stay visa from the consulate of the country concerned.

Returning to France after a trip abroad

No residence permit is required to travel abroad, but to return to France you must have a valid residence permit or visa:

  1. Your valid visa or residence permit or your expired VLS-TS or residence permit with a receipt, an extension certificate or your certificate of favorable decision (issued for a renewal, a first application or a duplicate application)The extension certificates issued for a first application and the receipt for a duplicate application do not allow you to return to France.

  2. Studying in another country in the Schengen area. If you are participating in a European exchange program, you can obtain a "student mobility program" residence permit in France, which will exempt you from having to apply for a long-stay visa to go to the other European country. If you do not have this residence permit or if you are not participating in an exchange program, you must apply for a long-stay visa at the consulate of your destination country.

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