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The summer season is approaching. It's a great time to enjoy your vacation and make some extra cash. Are you looking for a job this summer? Here are some tips to help you land a last minute job.


Agriculture is a field that hires regularly, even if employers organize themselves in advance to recruit their seasonal workers. You have all your chances to find a job among the variety of jobs all over France for fruit picking, tomato picking, grape picking, packaging... The good site to find offers :

Hotels - Restaurants

With the arrival of summer, hoteliers and restaurant owners, as well as fast food restaurants, are recruiting many seasonal workers to cope with the flow of tourists, especially on the coast in the south of France. The most sought-after profiles: waiters, dishwashers, kitchen assistants, cleaning staff in the outdoor hotel industry... A field where beginners still have all their chances. Good sites to find ads: and


Foodstuffs, souvenir stores, ready-to-wear clothing, ice cream sales, waffles on the beach, market stalls... the retail sector strengthens its teams in the summer in small shops as well as in larger ones. Sales, stocking of products on the shelves, stock-keeping, cashiering... versatility is often required and the pace is fast. Last minute announcements are often posted on store windows or at the cash desk.

If you are available, don't hesitate to contact temporary employment agencies.

Other sites not to be missed: pole emploi, jobetudiant, leboncoin, indeed

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